Roadside Assistance

An often true fact of life: if and when your car gives out, it will be right at the moment you need it most. You’ll be in a rush for an appointment, the weather will be awful or it could even be in the night. No need to panic! Just call Chicago Towing Pros – we are at the forefront of Chicago roadside assistance. No matter what day or time of the week, we are available 24 hours a day and will reach your destination within 25 minutes. Guaranteed.

Our professional and capable team are on hand and ready to help. Many car troubles are simple to rectify – you might have burst a tire or perhaps you’re gas ran low. Sometimes the solution isn’t simple. No need to panic; our experts can find the solution for you – fast!

Although there are many Chicago towing companies out there, we believe our variety of skills and services are second to none. You may have some understanding of how a car engine works, but the workings of vehicles today are usually complicated. A straightforward issue such as a dead battery will be easy to solve, but anything more complex often requires specialized tools and equipment are required to fix a problem both safely and properly.

It will be far easier to utilize our experts who have the understanding and experience to fix any car problems swiftly. Our staff is trained to the highest standards with knowledge of all the latest techniques, equipment and inner-car workings. If you find yourself in need of towing in Chicago, you’ll see that we have the expertise to offer superior roadside assistance.

Around the clock service – every day of the week:

  • Install spare tires
  • Roadside refuelling
  • Tow any type of vehicle
  • Recharge a battery or provide a jump start
  • Supply and fit a replacement battery
  • Additional services available

Every service that we offer is accessible twenty-four hours, seven days per week, and we will be with you in a time that competitors would find very hard to beat. Should you ever need roadside assistance, call us – it will be our pleasure to help you.

Roadside Assistance