Chicago Towing Pros

Welcome to Chicago Towing Pros. We are a family run company that has been providing comprehensive roadside assistance and a 24 hour towing in Chicago service for many years.

Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen to even a meticulously maintained car and they usually occur at the worst times. For instance, have you ran out of gas because you are too tired to stop at the gas station and try to make it home on “empty”? You may even get flat tire during rush hour traffic at an intersection.

We are experts at dealing with these situations and when you call us, we will respond quickly and handle your situation efficiently and courteously.

We have been running our Chicago towing service for many years and believe we are now the best towing service Chicago has available. We have eight fully-equipped and up-to-date vehicles and a team of dedicated people ready to assist you with any breakdown issue you may encounter.

Our expertise with modern tools and vehicles will enable us to deal with your problem quickly which will save you money on repair costs. Our reputation is based on dealing fairly and honestly with our customers. Our goal is to provide the best service possible at the best possible price.

Next time you need a tow truck, Chicago Towing Pros is the company that you should call – 773-665-4000